• I use cookies for Google Analytics, to get some idea of how many people visit which pages of this website. That’s all. I don’t collect information that identifies you personally. And I’ve even made it really easy for you to opt out of that. Just click or tap on the link in the banner at the foot of this page. You don’t see a banner? Then click or tap on the little “information” icon in the bottom right. You don’t see a little “information” icon in the bottom right? That means you’ve already opted out.
  • If you contact me by using the contact form, or by email, I will collect whatever minimal personal information you send me. Generally just your name and email address. And I’ll delete that data on request.
  • I won’t spam you or sell or share your personal data.
  • This website uses HTTPS/SSL security.

If you’re a lawyer specialising in GDPR, you’ll probably be able to tell me that this privacy statement is not legally adequate. But there again, if I copied and pasted a templated set of words like most website owners, that probably wouldn’t survive a determined legal challenge either.

I’ll update this page with all the proper legalese if and when I start a subscriber list. For now, however, I think this will do. Call me old-fashioned, but I believe in common sense and trust.

If you’ve read this page, congratulations. You’re in a tiny minority.

John Clifford